About Us.

With more than 50 years of experience in the optics market, ST OPTICS Israel has distinguished itself as a leader in the manufacture of high-quality finished and semi-finished lenses. Our commitment to excellence and precision has allowed us to offer products that meet the most demanding demands of important optical laboratories and optical chains. Since our inception, we have maintained an unwavering passion for innovation and craftsmanship, which is reflected in every lens that leaves our facilities. Join us on a journey through decades of experience and unrivaled optical perfection with ST OPTICS Israel.

ST OPTICS is dedicated to providing all your optical needs, adhering to the highest quality standards available today. We operate as a “one-stop-shop” – thereby reducing your corporate outlay by producing your own company brand & private label, and furnishing you with every aspect of your Optical Lens requirements. We offer maximum quality & cost-effective solutions based on your specific needs for all optical indexes, delivering a wide range of stock FSV and Semi-Finished lenses. We operate worldwide in 40 countries and service Optic Chains, Optical Laboratories, and Distributors. 

In addition to developing, manufacturing and marketing ST OPTICS white label and private label OEM lens solutions, we work in partnership with leading brands under OEM agreements, researchers and other optical oriented companies to develop and manufacture new and innovative products – utilizing the most advanced monomers. The company also manufactures a line of in-house RX lenses, marketed under various brand names.


With its continuous investment in R&D and its team of experts, ST International is able to assist with the knowledge we have accumulated along the way, during 45 years of operating and supporting its clients and partners with a high level of efficiency and competence. .

Our internal resources are also constantly nourished by leading external experts in the Optical field, thus creating world-class capabilities, with a great degree of flexibility and fast response time. 

ST OPTICS is committed to designing and delivering premium products and services that result in optimal results and provide maximum ease of use for end-users


  • ST OPTIC lenses are State-of-the-Art – manufactured to the highest quality standards utilizing some of the most advanced optical production equipment.
  • ST OPTICS is ISO 9001, CE and FDA approved and certificated for all of our products.
  • Quality is our No. 1 priority, and we combine this with our pursuit to constantly improve our level of professional service and personalized customer care and attention.
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