BE Photo 65/70

BE Photo is highly profitable for major laboratories and distributors who wish to increase their sales, and expand their horizon to new market segments, due to its exclusive Mass Fashion technology.

Our exquisite color changing BE Photo line is available in Finished and Semi-Finished lenses with premium coating treatments, and can be produced on the Free Form generator with designs in a wide range of vibrant colors, in: Sky Blue , Funky Pink, Laila Purple and Caramel Blue.

BE Photo is ST Optics' unique expression of a photochromic with a variety of very fashionable colors that are adaptable to changing light.

BE Photo color changing ophthalmic lenses are a unique contemporary expression, multi-use chiaroscuro, for indoor and outdoor, everyday activities, for professionals who want to expand their sales to new market segments.

BE Photo lenses are light-adaptive color-changing lenses that fit perfectly into almost any fashion frame/rim. BE Photo color changing lenses darken faster in about a minute, but lighten indoors in an instant, making them perfect for fashion-forward wearers.

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